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Where Financial Planning Meets Real Estate

                                 Vertical Investments Wealth Planning offers unbiased                                           personal financial planning for real estate investors -and those who dream of it. 

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Financial Mentorship For The Real Estate Life



Create more opportunities for

more doors or better cash flow.



I want to grow my

real estate portfolio.



I want to get started as a

real estate investor.

Are you a busy professional who owns rental property, or are thinking about getting started as a real estate investor?

 Whether you're a current landlord or aspire to own your first rental, you've got a different perspective.     
You look at your income as a tool for building a financial independence from a paycheck, not just for spending on your lifestyle.

If this sounds like you, we can help.

The real estate life can be rewarding, but its no nearly as simple as it looks on TV.  How do you know if you're financially prepared? 
What type of real estate investment fits your life stage and finances?  What's involved in being a landlord?  Are you ready to buy your next rental property? How do you know if you're taking on too much risk?  Will you use leverage?  Where should you invest? 
We'll help you figure it all out so that you're pursuing a real estate life that fits you.

Realize Your Financial Potential

Whether you're adding to your properties, listing your place on Airbnb or looking for your first rental, we'll help you and create a realistic plan for your financial life goals.

Fee-Only Licensed and Registered Financial Planner

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary firm, we work for you, not for Wall Street.  We help you design a realistic financial plan.

We're Real Estate Investors, Too

We walk our talk.  We're rental property owners, financial planners and investors.  Because we speak both real estate and financial planning, we can help you put it all together.

Who are our Clients?

Who are our Clients?

-Rental property investors looking for a comprehensive financial plan 

-Investors considering adding real estate to their portfolios 

-People with inherited rental property 

-Homeowners maximizing opportunities for income

-Married couples who want to make the most of their economic partnership

We will help you with:

We will help you with:

Real Estate Investments

Investment Strategies

Retirement Savings

Tax Planning

Cashflow & Spending

Mortgage Financing

Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Credit Management

College Savings

Portfolio Management

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