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Best Retirement Plans for REALTORS®

Develop an understanding of self-directed IRAs to build your retirement and close more client deals.

Real Estate Agents Retirement Plans + Business Growth Strategy

Real Estate Agents Retirement Plans + Business Growth Strategy
With a self-directed IRA, your clients can invest in single- and multi-family homes, commercial and rental properties, mortgage notes, international property, land, and more. As their investment options significantly increase, your opportunities to close additional deals increases, too.

You come across the deals first: use your experience to build retirement wealth for yourself. You help secure the future for others. Isn't time you took care of yours?

How Self-Directed IRAs Work

How Self-Directed IRAs Work

Whether for yourself or for your clients, the process is the same:

Opening the account:
This is done by completing a form online. All that is needed is identification and a form of payment for the $100 fee to establish the account.

Funding the Account:
If you have an existing IRA at a financial institution or an old 401(k), you can move them to a self-directed IRA. If you are starting a retirement savings account, you can do so by making a cash contribution to the IRA. This may lower your taxable income.

Purchasing the Property:
There are several investment strategies that you can use for small and large IRAs. You can use other people’s money by partnering your IRA with another IRA or with personal funds. You can also get a non-recourse loan or establish an LLC. In fact, you can combine all of these strategies.

However, it's important that you follow the rules. Understanding disqualified persons and prohibited transactions in an IRA will help keep your account compliant.

The Best Retirement Plans For Real Estate Agents

The Best Retirement Plans For Real Estate Agents

Open an Account and Lower Your Taxable Income

Don’t wait for a client to tell you about self-directed IRAs. The best way to understand how a self-directed IRA works and how it can help you significantly grow wealth is to open your own SDIRA.

Small business owners can put away more money in a retirement savings plan, taking advantage of the tax benefits associated with these tax-deferred accounts. Some accounts, like SEP IRA and Solo 401(k), have high contribution limits that you can use for real estate investing. The money you save may also be tax deductible.

There are two other types of accounts that are popular with individual investors: Traditional IRA (pre-tax) or a Roth IRA (pay taxes up front).

Stand Out from the Competition

Stand Out from the Competition

Book an Event for Your Group

Holding a group educational event is one of the best ways to understand how a self-directed IRA works and how it can help you and your clients significantly grow wealth.  We’ll walk you through the entire process and help you navigate the IRA rules and regulations that come with investing in real estate.

You can take advantage of your industry experience to grow your own retirement wealth and prepare to help your clients maximize their retirement funds by helping them to purchase real estate.

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Provide Value and Stay Top of Mind

Growing your business is hard when you’re relying solely on new leads. Self-directed IRAs can help you grow your business by nurturing existing clients and attracting new leads.

Although your existing customers may have recently worked with you to close on their home purchase or sale, they can also work with you to close on investment opportunities. This gives you a competitive advantage, helping you stand out from other REALTORS® and adding more value for your clients. Use our free marketing tools to nurture clients and gage interest.

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