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Jesse Seidel

Jesse Seidel


I'm Jesse Seidel,  a real estate investor and financial planner, and mortgage broker, who founded Vertical Investments Wealth Planning to mentor a new generation of real estate dreamers.

How I Became A Real Estate Investor

I formed rental real estate company as a side hustle more than 15 years ago. I had already included real estate funds as part of my investment mix for many years, but I wanted the adventure of buying direct real estate myself. Over a few years, I built a rental business with single family homes in great neighborhoods throughout the country.


I’ve witnessed some friends succeed and others fail in their real estate attempts, so before I bought my first rental, I made sure I was financially prepared to handle the risks of direct investment. I built my cash reserves, ran the numbers again and again and read everything I could get my hands on for first-time landlords. Those actions helped us get off to a strong start.


As a Financial Planner and Mortgage Professional, I’ve worked with clients to develop strategies to help them with their personal finances. One key thing I've observed over my 22 years coaching people to master their financial habits and build financial independence, is that people who have real financial freedom aren't the ones with the flashiest lifestyles.


These “millionaires next door” live below their means, spend only on things important to them and use their savings to build assets. Those assets, such as retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, businesses and real estate, offer multiple sources of income and diversification. It’s not rocket science, but it does take a mind shift to treat your income as a tool for investing, not just to buy more stuff.


Declaring Financial Independence

Like many Americans, I started off in my twenties with student loans and debt.  At age 34, I'd had enough. I declared my financial independence. I did whatever it took to pay off debt - and build up my emergency and retirement savings. It didn't happen overnight, but, in a few years, I had a stronger financial foundation and solid financial habits. 


A Calling, Not Just A Career

I was not only personally transformed – I now had a vocation. I switched careers in 2010 from the fast-paced world of futures and options, to become a real estate professional. I later earned my credentials in mortgage lending and completed the Uniform Investment Advisor Law (Series 65) Exam to better help investors obtain the leverage necessary to grow their real estate investment portfolio.  Naturally, it made sense to provide comprehensive financial planning for real estate investors and those dreaming of.  I have worked with thousands of real estate investors and homeowners all over the country, helping more families realize their dreams of homeownership as real estate investors.